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Specialty Trade

Need quick measure plans for your specialty trade? Want to make sure that quantities for all the system? Well search no more! At Icon Estimating the team will make sure that your bidding process is streamlined with increased speed and maximum accuracy! No matter what you need, Digital Estimating will have it figured about for you!

Specialty Trade may not be responsible for the entire project. However, it still has an important role. We take pride in the fact that we provide the best services for our clients. All that without them having to worry about a thing!

Come join hands with us and Digital Estimating will help you win!

  1. Specialties
  • Signage
  • Demountable Partitions
  • Wall and Corner Protection
  • Toilet, Bath and Laundry Specialties
  • Awnings and Canopies
  1. Equipment
  • Detention Equipment
  • Theater and Stage Equipment
  • Athletic Equipment
  1. Special Construction – typically complete components
  • Special & Engineered Structures
  1. Lifts, Elevators and Escalators

We provide our clients with: 

  • Material Types and Quantities
  • Detailed Material Takeoffs
  • Material & Labor Costs
  • Labor Hours
  • Color-coded Plans
  • Complete Reports containing labor hours, taxes, overheads, and profit percentages, and other miscellaneous costs, etc

Most importantly, we create our plans by keeping all aspects in mind. Including the hidden costs. Along with other general cost estimates required for a project takeoff. Similarly, each site work venture is extraordinary and requires an interesting methodology. Our estimators utilize the latest software innovations are in site work estimation. Our master estimators cautiously evaluate the drawing and designs and plan precise site work departures of material and work alongside worker hours.